Sentiweb RSS Extension version 1.0

Updated on
2012, Oct 1
Draft - This document is not complete and could change

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Purpose of rss-sw extension


prefix = sw


RSS attachment Element Cardinality Value
/channel sw:week 1..1 Week number of the news in a YYYYWW format, using ISO8601 convention
/channel/item sw:disease-name 1..1 Name of the surveilled health indicator for human representation. This text could be modified
/channel/item sw:disease-uid 1..1 String uniquely identifying an health indicator from Sentiweb (persistent id)
/channel/item sw:map-url 1..* URL of the map associated with the item.
This element has two attributes
  • size. It could be one of the following values :
    • small : Small size (167x157px for France)
    • norm : Medium size (544x547px for France)
  • mime : mimetype of the map (image/png)
  • width : image width (px)
  • height : image height (px)
Contents : URL of the image file
/channel/item sw:activity 1..1 Activity level associated with the item. Activity level refer to a classification of the level of the observed incidence for a given health indicator. This element has 1 attribute:
  • level : contains the activity level number (as listed below)
    Possible values :
    • 0 = Not available
    • 1 = Low activity
    • 2 = Moderate activity
    • 3 = Hight activity
    • 4 = Epidemic activity
    • -1 = Not applicable
Contents : human readable text for this activity level